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Custom Software

Software Design

At Computing Technologies, we can design and create software for any business and industry. Whether your need is Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP), Manufacturing Resource Planning (MRP), job cost, inventory management, guest tracking, or anything else, we can design and create affordable software for you. Our software can handle complex data structures, be used in a networking environment, accessed with wireless handheld PCs, and much more. We can even build a web interface for your software that will allow you to access vital company information from anywhere in the world!


Windows Based Look & Feel
Our Software is designed with the idea that a wide range of users will be operating the program. Therefore, our forms have a very user-friendly look and feel, so that the most inexperienced users will be able to operate the software.
Easy Navigation
Easily Navigate to different modules and reports within the software by use of easy-to-use List Bar and Menu Bar Controls.
View a lot of data quickly based on user-entered search criteria. With the use of our "Navigators," you can quickly find the Order or Shipment you are looking for.
Much of the company data should only be viewed by certain employees. By creating users and passwords, you can specify which reports, and/or screens the user may access.
With the use of our color-coded grids, you can quickly determine the status of an item. See which purchase orders are closed and which are over-due.
With the use of our Grids, you can quickly view complex data in an easy to understand tree. You can expand and collapse nodes to view their detail.
Multi-User Environment
Our Software allows any number of simultaneous users in the software. With the database stored in one location, each user can access the same data over a network.
Use our software to create professional looking reports, such as Purchase Orders, Shipping Tickets, Invoices, and much more. Create Custom Reports to display only the data you wish to see.
Web Interfaces
We can create custom web interfaces to our software or your existing database. This allows you to access real-time company information from anywhere in the world.
Use our software to generate, read, and process barcodes. From Time and Job tracking to tagging your product with a barcode label full of information, it can be done with our custom software.